From the Bar: Spotlight on Troegs

At Venture Cafe, our guests have expressed great enthusiasm for our bottles of Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat. This week, we feature this excellent brew on tap. While not local to Massachusetts, Troegs is native to the East Coast, and its menu offers many tasty options.

Two brothers from Mechanicsburg, PA, Chris and John Trogner, founded Troegs in 1997. Before opening their brewery, Chris and John learned simultaneously about beer while living apart: Chris in Boulder, CO and John in Philadelphia, PA. The two brothers kept in touch, and in their cross-country conversations, an idea of starting a business together developed into a complete business plan. John moved to Boulder, and learned all about the brewing process in practice at Oasis Brewpub, and in theory in university-level brewing classes. Chris, meanwhile, learned about the business side of brewing through marketing, sales and management classes.

Once the brothers completed their education, they decided to return to Pennsylvania to build their brewery. Chris and John named their brewery Troegs, defined as “an aura of complete enjoyment and contentment.” Interestingly, the brothers assert that the word may also be used as a verb, i.e., “I troeged it.” They now produce nine different beers and distribute them up and down the East Coast.

Dreamweaver Wheat combines four wheat types with noble Saaz hops, and Munich and Pils malts. The brew incorporates a yeast strain that adds a spicy, peppery, clove taste, with a hint of bananas. Troegs boasts that “Dreamweaver Wheat is an unfiltered blast of spicy, mouthwatering joy.”

We hope you enjoy Dreamweaver, along with our other offerings, and we always love to hear what your favorite local beers are!

– Amy, VenCaf Bar Manager

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