From the Bar: What’s on Tap This Week? The Aloha Spirit!

Although we usually strive to feature local beers on our taps, we depart from that tradition with one selection this week. We offer three reasons for this momentous decision. First, with recent improvements, our mobile bar now boasts FOUR, not a measly two, taps (we hope! testing happens Thursday morning). Second, the brewing company did serve as the local brewer once upon a time for Venture Cafe Manager Carrie. Third, and most important, the brewers care about sustainability and philanthropy, and they demonstrate their devotion actively through their practice and process.

This eco-conscious brewery, founded by a father-son team, is called Kona Brewing Company. The Company champions recycling, builds its facilities with recycled materials, and uses disposable cups and biodegradable to-go containers in its business. A heat reclamation system for the air conditioner heats water for the kitchen. Condensation from the air conditioner is used to irrigate the brewery’s landscape. Spent grain from the brewing process is sent to local cattle farmers, and incorporated into the brewpub’s pizza dough. Additionally, the brewery sponsors numerous fundraising campaigns for environmental, educational, athletic, and cultural community organizations.

This green-minded brew now gushing from our new tap is called Wailua Wheat. All beer from Kona Brewing Company incorporates Kona’s hops, malt, proprietary yeast, and of course Hawaiian water. Wailua Wheat is a golden ale, with a bright, citrusy flavor, courtesy of tropical passion fruit brewed into each batch. The website suggests pairing this beer with lighter fare like seafood, salads, or even vanilla ice cream! Let us know what you think.

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