Red Leg, All Service

American Civil War soldiers who served in the Field Artillery were easily identified by the bright red stripes down the legs of their uniform pants. The United States Army has used color to distinguish its various branches (e.g., cavalry, medical, police) since the 1850s, and continues the tradition today, particularly in its dress uniforms.


The Red Leg Brewing Company in Colorado Springs, CO pays homage to those “Redleg” veterans, and many others, through its production of high quality craft beer and its community service. Todd Baldwin, a former artillery officer himself and Iraq veteran, opened the brewery on July 4, 2013, with beers named in honor of traditions and customs of military service, including the Cutter Wit (referencing the small, speedy Navy boats), Devil Dog Stout (a nod to a nickname for a Marine), and SGT Pils (referencing rank in the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army). Red Leg’s Brew Dog, Troop, likes to relax among the bright red bar stools in the taproom.

Sitting on my parents’ porch with a view of Pikes Peak, I had the opportunity to try the Howitzer Amber, which is sold in cans. The Howitzer, named for the piece of military artillery known for its short canon and high projectile trajectory, was full-bodied with a lusciously smooth mouthfeel. A sweet malt flavor dominated the taste, and the brew finished with notes of caramel and light hop earthiness.


In addition to brewing beer, the Red Leg Brewing Company is committed to supporting the large military community in Colorado Springs. A portion of sales from its seasonal beers benefit area Family Readiness Groups, which provide assistance to families of soldiers who are deployed. Additionally, Baldwin, a strong believer in the value of skills learned from military service, formed “Rising Veteran Professionals” as a veteran entrepreneurial arm of the professional mentor groups Aspen Pointe and Rising Professionals. He hopes to help veterans grow their small business into successful ventures that will enrich the community and encourage young veterans like himself to create roots in Colorado Springs.

The Red Leg Brewing Company provides a compelling reminder of the service and commitment of our military members. Even retired, our military men and women continue to seek out ways to serve. Today is a good day to honor their pursuits, and as you raise that beer, consider how you may reciprocate in your community.