Hop into Spring, with Beer

Judging from the snow that fell on March 21, spring has not yet arrived outside … but it has arrived in Venture Cafe.  Local breweries are releasing their spring seasonal beers and we are trying to catch them before they run out of hops (pun(s) intended).

This week you have the opportunity to taste the Mayflower Spring Hop beer.  Mayflower Brewery is located in Plymouth MA and this is its very first spring seasonal brew!  Spring Hop is a hoppy red ale with a strong aroma, created by four varieties of American aroma hops.  It pours a dark copper, amber color with a dense foam on top that retreats into a bubbled lace pattern on the glass as you drink.  Putting the glass to your nose, the brew smells fresh, with a notion of citrus hitting first, followed by grassy and floral hops, and then a bit of malt sweetness.  The taste follows the smell, although it’s more balanced with the hop bitterness and caramel malt sweetness followed by a more citrusy note at the end.  The beer is smooth with medium body and carbonation.  All in all, the beer is fresh and makes for very easy drinking.

Also joining us in the cafe is Berkshire Brewing Company’s Maibock Lager, released each year to celebrate the return of spring.  This Maibock Lager is made with Noble hops and its richness lies in its simultaneously sweet and spicy malt flavour.  The lager pours a classic pale amber maibock color, with a healthy dose of fine white foam on top.  To the nose, the beer hints at malt sweetness, toasty grain, and fruit.  To the tongue, the Maibock Lager introduces a light hop flavour, with hints of fruit and spice, finished off with soft bitterness and a warm alcohol taste.  The beer is medium to full bodied, with average carbonation.  This beer is a balanced but full-flavored beer.

Spring beers are a great remedy for the winter blues.  So come (too embarrassed to write “hop”) on over to Venture Cafe to lift your spirits!

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