Indulge in a North Shore Classic

Last week, many of you commented positively on the Ipswich Original Ale, which was on tap at Venture Cafe for the first time.  Ipswich is a “North Shore Classic” so obviously it finds favour with the locals.  In fact, after 56 pours, the keg is almost empty so get to Venture Cafe early on Thursday if you want to catch it before it runs out!

Ipswich was originally brewed by Ipswich Brewing Company, until Rob Martin – Ipswich’s Director of Operations – bought the brewery and expanded it to become Mercury Brewing and Distribution Company.  He continued production of Ipswich Ale, but added Stone Cat Ales and Lagers, Mercury Premium Sodas, and a few contract brewing agreements to Mercury’s empire. They are @IpswitchAleBrew on the Twitters.

For those of you who missed Ipswich Original Ale, Ipswich Ale is “a medium-bodied, unfiltered English style pale ale with subtle hoppiness and a smooth malty flavour,” according to Mercury.  It pours a hazy amber/chestnut color with some head that disappears quickly.  The aroma is very bready, with wafts of floral hops and caramel malts.  Ispwich’s taste starts a bit sweet with those caramel malts, but then the taste turns towards the bready side before the big and slightly bitter hop finish.  All in all, the flavour is well-balanced, and the beer offers easy drinkability with a silky mouth-feel.

This brew is definitely worth a taste – so try it out, whether you find yourself on the North Shore or in Venture Cafe!

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