What makes you so high and mighty?

If you are what you drink, many Venture Cafers became High and Mighty this week. Kicked quite resoundingly at Saturday’s MIT Sloan International MBA Sales Competition, the High and Mighty “Beer of the Gods” created a lot of intrigue and many happy taste buds. With a name like “Beer of the Gods,” one might expect a satisfactorily “large” beer, but this brew is light, refreshing and very drinkable. When you think of all the important things Gods have to do – create wisdom, make war, encourage agriculture, hurl bolts of lightning – it makes sense that they’d want to keep it light. At 4.5% alcohol, Beer of the Gods is a German-style beer with a sensible dose of hoppiness.

Beer of the Gods was born in 2006 at the Paper City Brewery in Holyoke MA. Will Shelton, the brewer, still brews his High and Mighty beers at Paper City but has plans to open an independent space soon. Shelton focuses on making lighter beers that add American attitude to the best European styles. He uses mostly German Czech Saaz hops as well as hops grown in the Halletauer region of Bavaria. These hops are characterized by pleasing, subtle bitterness, and Shelton uses quite a lot of them to get the level of bitterness he likes. Look out for other High and Mighty beers, including Purity of Essence (India Pale *Lager*), St. Hubbins Dubbel (brown Trappist ale), Two Headed Beast (creamy stout), and Home for the Holidays (unfiltered brown ale – profits go to Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans of America). With the lower alcohol content, you might just be able to try them all!


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