From the Bar: Blue Hills on tap

The new beer on tap last week hailed from the Blue Hills Brewery, located in Canton, Massachusetts. The Brewery embraces its location in the Blue Hills and on the South Shore, and strives to demonstrate civic responsibility in addition to producing great beer.

Generally, Blue Hill Brewery beers go through two rounds of fermenting. The first found takes 7-9 days, and during the second round, the beer is chilled to around 40 degrees for another 7-10 days. After fermenting, the beer is filtered, carbonated, and kegged.

The classic Red Baron Ale incorporates a combination of specialty dark roasted malts, giving it a deep red color. The beer is only lightly hopped in order for the drinker to enjoy its complex malt character. The tongue registers sweetness at first taste, but Red Baron has a dry finish. Come try it out this week!

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